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Author Guidelines

From the Editors

By Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and Laurie Kocher


  1. Young Children’s Rough and Tumble Play: Apprehensions and Opportunities -- By Michelle Tannock

Child Study

  1. Early Childhood Education Students’ Emergent Skills in Literacy Scaffolding -- By Jodi Nickel

  2. Moving Onward: Reflections and Re-interpretations of the Reggio Approach -- By Linda O’Donoghue

  3. Physical Activity and Nutrition in Early Years Care Centres: Barriers and Facilitators -- By Amanda Froehlich Chow and M. Louise Humbert

  4. The Rights Project: How Rights Education Transformed a Classroom -- By Pamela Wallberg and Maria Kahn

Directions and Connections

1. Journey with Jacob -- By Neomi Tsekhman

Professional Resources

  1. From My Side…Being a Child. By Sylvia C. Chard and Yvonne Kogan -- Reviewed by Mabel Higgins

  2. Honouring the Child – Changing Ways of Teaching. By Pamela Proctor. Reviewed by Bev Superle

  3. Once Upon a Bathtime. By Vi Hughes, Illustrated by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin. Reviewd by Christianne Hayward

  4. Ten Birds. Written and Illustrated by Cybele Young. Reviewed by Christianne Hayward

In Memoriam

C, Doris Paton


From the Publications Chair

By Iris Berger

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