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Author Guidelines

From the Editors

By Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and Laurie Kocher


1. Pedagogical Narrations’ Potentiality as a Methodology for Child Studies Research

By B. Denise Hodgins

Child Study

  1. “British Columbia’s Full Day Kindergarten Program Guide: A Critical Race Analysis

By Jennifer Moule

  1. Art Making as a Political and Ethical Practice

By Vanessa Clark

  1. On Opening Spaces for Conversation: The Book Club

By Antje Bitterberg

  1. In Their Words: Voices of Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease

By Maria Gordon

Directions and Connections

1. Integral Yoga as a Daily Physical Activity

By Karen Ragoonaden, Stephen Berg, and Sabre Cherkowski

Professional Resources

  1. Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom. By b. hooks.

Reviewed by Ingrid Anderson

  1. Look at Me…I’m Learning Everyday. By Laura Doan, Margaret Patten, Cindy Piwowar.

Reviewed by Bev Superle


From the Publications Chair

By Iris Berger

Friends of Children Award

Friends of Children Guidelines

Call for Submissions

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