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Author Guidelines

From the Editors ‘ Desk

By Guest Editor Martha Gabriel

Child Study

  1. Troubling Government Discourse on Early Learning Websites: A Critical Analysis

By Marianne McTavish

  1. Early Childhood Transitions as Critical Praxis

By Kate Tilleczek

  1. A Critical Investigation of Research, Policy, and Programs That Aim to Support Marginalized Children’s Transition to Kindergarten in Quebec

By Joanne S. Lehrer

  1. An International Examination of Early Childhood Curricula from 17 Countries

By Gabriela Arias de Sanchez, Ray Doiron, and Martha Gabriel

  1. Early Childhood Services: Using Narratives to Explore Parents’ Experiences of Transition

By Patricia Peterson, William Morrison, and Ruth Morrison

  1. “It’ll all come out in the wash, but it’s a bit of a struggle.” Managing Change in an Informal Parent-Child Program.

By Roz Stooke

Directions and Connections

1. Count On More Than Just Counting With Counting Books

By Gregory Bryan and Ralph Mason

2. This Log

By Shelley Brandon

3. The Forest Project

By Alison Wells

Professional Resources

1. Getting It Wrong From the Beginning: Our Progressivist Inheritance From Herbert Spencer, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget. Written by Kieran Egan.

Reviewed by Mary Caroline Rowan

From the Publications Chair

By Iris Berger

Friends of Children Award

Raffi Cavoukian

By Karyn Callaghan

Friends of Children Guidelines

Call for Submissions

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