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As we prepare to go to print with the Fall 2015 issue of Canadian Children, Canada is perched on the edge of a federal election. Child care has become an election issue, with each of the major parties making policy statements and declaring their competing ideologies. Opinions range widely as to where our obligations lie, as a society, in caring for our youngest citizens. Yes, there are many issues at the forefront of voters’ minds, but it’s encouraging to see that child care has become a mainstream concern. Voting is a hard-won right, and one that we encourage you to exercise. We share the hopes for our country expressed so eloquently by Stephen Lewis, CC, at the November 2014 Symons Lecture in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island:

I cherish the possibility of a return to a vibrant democracy, where equality is the watchword, where people of different ideological conviction have respect for each other, where policy is debated rather than demeaned, where the great issues of the day are given thoughtful consideration, where Canada’s place on the world stage is seen as principled and laudatory, where human rights for all is the emblem of a decent civilized society. ( )

All in all, this issue provides a great wealth of deep thinking and exemplary scholarship. As editors, we are so proud for the opportunity to work closely with our authors to nurture their work to publication. And, of course, we pay homage to the league of invisible reviewers and our technical editor, Leslie Prpich. Their work may be in the background, but without them this journal just wouldn’t happen.