The CAYC “Friends of Children Award” was established to give CAYC a way of recognizing outstanding contributions, by individuals or groups to the well-being of young children. If you wish to nominate an individual or group for this award, please use the criteria and procedure below.


The Friends of Children Award may be presented to an individual or group, regardless of age, who:

  • Has a history of commitment to the CAYC mission statement and/or aims.
  • Has shown an outstanding scholarly, advocacy, innovative or practical contribution to the well-being of young children.
  • May or may not be of Canadian citizenship.
  • May or may not hold CAYC membership although it is encouraged.


  • A nomination must be made by a member of the Board of Directors and be seconded by a member of the Board of Directors. Board members can, however, receive recommendations for nominations from individual CAYC members or from other organizations.
  • Nominations will be brought forward at a Board of Directors or National Executive meeting by the board or executive member assigned responsibility for the award. This board or executive member will present and speak to the nomination.
  • The nomination will be voted upon and passed by the Board of Directors with a consensus decision.
  • The award will be presented promptly and in person when possible.
  • Publicity of the award and the recipient(s) will appear in the journal, Canadian Children, and other publications where possible.
  • The number of awards per year will vary.