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About the Journal

Journal of Childhood Studies is the journal of the Canadian Association for Young Children (CAYC), a national association specifically concerned with the well-being of young children in Canada. The journal is published online three times a year. Journal of Childhood Studies contains Invitational articles, peer-reviewed articles, articles from professionals in early childhood related fields, and book reviews.

Journal of Childhood Studies is a multidisciplinary journal that provides opportunities for researchers, university and college students and professionals who are interested in issues related to young children in education, family, and community contexts from a Canadian perspective to present, share and discuss their work.

Journal of Childhood Studies aims to present opportunities for scholars, emerging researchers, and practitioners from across Canada, and elsewhere, to engage with issues pertaining to young children in the Canadian context as well as Canadian young children in relation to the global stage. 

Journal of Childhood Studies includes invitational articles, the Child Study section with peer reviewed articles, the Directions & Connections sections with high quality articles from professionals in childhood related fields, and the Book Review section that includes reviews of books for researchers, instructors, families and young children.