There are inherent dangers in critically exploring a dominant narrative such as neoliberalism as it concerns any field, context or case. Theorizing events and activity as being "the result of" or "due to" over arching conceptual/socio/political/economic apparatus such as neoliberalism can fail to recognize the infinite actors and factors that mediate how neoliberalism is taken up as people and things interact alongside it as opposed to because of it. 

Concern for avoiding this danger informed the call that asked potential authors to consider submitting their work for this "Neoliberalism in ECE" themed issue of Canadian Children. Authors were asked to consider how neoliberal assemblages can create both possibilities and limitations within ECE. This was not suggested as a way to ensure validation of neoliberalism or "good news" stories within the papers but rather to ask that contradictions and contextual specificity be fully considered to offer readers a complex exploration of neoliberalism as it relates to ECE.

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