Entangled Dialogues on Learning How to Inherit in Colonized and Damaged Lifeworlds

Wasps-Bees-Mushrooms-Children: Reimagining Multispecies Relations in Early Childhood Pedagogies

Walking With Place: Storying Reconciliation Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education

Engaging With the Messiness of Place in Early Childhood Education and Art Therapy: Exploring Animal Relations, Traditional Hide, and Drum

The Colour of Country

Entangled Frictions With Place As Assemblage

Possibilities for Geontological Learning in Common Worlds

Learning How to Inherit in Colonized and Ecologically Challenged Life Worlds in Early Childhood Education: An Introduction

The Play’s the Thing — Teachers' Roles in Children's Play

Please join us at this very valuable and worthwhile upcoming CAYC event in Regina, Saskatchewan. Under the guidance of Gretchen Reynolds, you will have the opportunity to refresh your thoughts about the importance of play and come away with exciting ways to enhance or implement a play based program in your early years environment.

We hope to see many of you at this wonderful conference.

Special Issue: Professionalism in ECEC